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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover pays out a tax-free payment if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness – as long as it’s one that is covered. The kinds of illnesses that are covered are usually long-term and very serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke, or loss of arms/legs.

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This type of policy is designed to ease the financial pressure that can follow the diagnosis of a serious illness, for example, offering a lump sum that you can use for what you want, like paying medical expenses, mortgage and paying off debt.

You will qualify for the payment if you survive a set period of time as outlined by the terms of the policy. This is typically 14 days, in which a member must survive following the diagnosis of an insured illness or operation in order to make a claim.

Critical illness insurance policies don’t cover every type of illness. And with the illnesses they do cover, you usually have to be extremely ill or totally disabled before you can claim. Pre-existing conditions may also be excluded. This refers to any illness you have either suffered from, or currently have, prior to joining the policy.